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Rocket Fuel Is Vital To Running Your Spaceship.

Crafting RecipeEdit

To Make Rocket Fuel, You Will First Need To Make An Empty Fuel Canister. Then, You Will Have To Find Some Oil. Use A Portable Fuel Extractor To Get Enough Oil To Fill Up The Canister. Now, You Will Have To Get A Refinery To Refine The Oil Into Useable Fuel.

How To Use Rocket FuelEdit

In order to launch the Rocket, you must connect a Fuel Loader to a Battery Box and the Rocket Launch Pad, if done correctly, the Fuel will start loading into the Spaceship. After the Fuel has fully loaded into the Spaceship, the player can launch out of the atmosphere.

You can manually load the fuel canister into the rocket by pressing "F" and dragging a canister into the fuel slot. The rocket will automatically register the fuel amount and get ready to launch. Pulling the fuel canister out of the slot either before or during flight will remove all of the fuel from the rocket causing a loss of power until it is replaced.

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